…or at least this seems to be result of a marketing campaign.

The idea was simple: When you search in Google for “Romanians are…”(in english, romanian and other languages), the suggestions were not so flattering (in fact they are not for most countries which in itself is a mirror of the racism that’s on all of us). In order to change that, an advertising agency created a campaign to motivate people to mass search for more positive terms.

The results:

394205 10150643589149278 47989124277 12280408 161397595 n Romanians are search engine spammers...

This can be considered a harmless and moral cause, but the same were many other Google Bombs that were removed by Google.

Is it fair to game (in public) the autosuggestion results?

What if KFC tried to game his autosuggestion from “KFC is bad” to “KFC is healthy”?

On the other side, the autosuggestions, in many cases of “natural search” (questions/affirmations), are simply idiotic.

Most likely this is because only idiotic people use natural language searches.


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